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Program of the GERSTEL Virtual Exhibition Rooms

23 March 2021 - 14:45‐15:45: Virtual Exhibition Room GERSTEL
20 Minutes:

The GERSTEL ODP 4 is uniquely optimized for GC-O ergonomics and olfactory data evaluation.
A special highlight is the platform-independent evaluation software, which simplifies GCO-specific workflows as well as the evaluation of GC and GCMS data from different platforms.
Deconvolution algorithms allow easy identification of superimposed peaks.
Experience how Sniff and Trap TD provides a simple way to separate and determine overlapping odors.

20 Minutes:

What’s Happening at ISO in Regards to Indoor Air Quality and Vehicle Indoor Air Quality?
Over the last roughly two years, a number of efforts at ISO came together nearly at the same time.  The ‘main’ TD-GC/MS method for chamber testing, 16000-6, came up for regular review, and has now been expanded to cover more analytes.  At the same time, 16000-3, the method used for aldehyde testing in chambers, has been edited recently to remove one.  Several other methods have also been added or revised, including a new work item to bring VDA-278 into the 12219 series of ISO automotive standards.  Finally, the ‘main’ chamber method in the automotive industry, 12219-1, has been harmonized with methods in China and Korea.

Stop in for a brief overview of these methods and their changes, and learn how they may be important for you and your lab!

20 Minutes:

Q&A / Meet&Greet at the booth

24 March 2021
10:45‐11:30: Virtual Exhibition Room - Matchmaking - GERSTEL

Get a brief overview of ways to further optimize lab efficiency while ensuring highest data quality.
Part 1: German
Part 2: German
Part 3: English
Part 4: German