MAESTRO Software

Add, move, mix and more –
Sample Preparation Unlimited

Software should make life easy, liberating the user from tedious and repetitive tasks. If you spend much of your time developing and setting up methods and sequences using a cumbersome software interface, or have to wait for sequences to finish in order to add urgent priority samples, there is good news from GERSTEL. The MAESTRO software has been updated with some extremely useful features to overcome these challenges. We asked our customers what they would like to see added to the already feature-rich MAESTRO software and their suggestions were incorporated into the latest version to provide higher efficiency, flexibility, and throughput. In the following article, some of the new MAESTRO features are presented.

As a GERSTEL user, you are probably familiar with most if not all features of the MAESTRO software, including the ability to add priority samples to a running sequence without stopping and re-starting the system. A few mouse-clicks in the sequence table are all it takes, it is nicely subdivided in colored zones like standard spread-sheet software with a clear indication of the sample currently being processed making it easy to navigate. Methods, trays and inlets are selected by mouse-click. In order to ensure that only valid methods can be selected, only those that match the instrument configuration are shown in the drop-down menu. Every time MAESTRO is activated, it performs a detailed analysis of the instrument configuration to ensure that the menu only presents the options that are actually available.

Be Prepared with Preplets

The MAESTRO software lets you add sample preparation steps to your standard GC/MS- and LC/MS methods by mouse-click. Sample preparation steps are easily integrated into a method by adding Preplets as part of the method. This means that sample preparation steps can easily be added to priority samples that are inserted into the sequence table – providing you with unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. If changes in sample priority have to be implemented on the fly, you can simply rearrange the order in the sequence table – without even stopping it.
Whether you are working with or without Preplets, MAESTRO enables you to perform overlapping, parallel sample preparation and GC/MS- or LC/MS analysis for maximum productivity and throughput. The Scheduler provides you with ata- glance verification of how efficiently the overlapping is set up enabling, you to see how changes in method timing affects throughput. You will always have a clear and transparent view of where in the process each sample is – even when multiple samples are being processed in the heater/agitator. The total run-time for the entire sequence or batch is also shown, helping you with your laboratory workflow planning. As soon as the sequence table is updated to reflect a change in priorities, MAESTRO immediately updates the Scheduler. There are no surprises, everything will run as planned.

Play it safe – work with MAESTRO

Do you know every single parameter in your method? – and the upper/lower limit for it? MAESTRO keeps an eye on every detail – giving you confidence that all is well. The acceptable range for each method parameter pops up when you place the mouse pointer over the entry field. Values outside this range are immediately rejected with a clear indication of the acceptable range. And MAESTRO always supports and guides you to ensure that your method is valid for the current instrument configuration ensuring that your samples will be processed as planned. For example, the right syringe, sample trays, and inlet must be configured and available, or MAESTRO will alert you and prevent the setup of the sequence table until the conflicts are resolved. This means that you can take corrective action to ensure that your samples are processed as planned - call it pre-emptive trouble-shooting. No matter what your sample preparation and introduction needs are, MAESTRO is the premier software solution for reliable, efficient, and flexible operation.