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Chemie und Polymere

AppNote 195
Automated Online Desorption and Analysis of DNPH Derivatives of Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, and Related Carbonyl Compounds using a New Robotic Autosampler
AppNote 194
Determination of Benzo[a]pyrene and Benz[a]anthracene in Coal Tar and Pitch Products by Automated SPE-GC/MS
Automated Extraction and GC/MS Determination of Phthalates in Consumer Products
Thermal Gravimetric Analysis/Mass Spectrometry Simulation using the GERSTEL Automated Pyrolyzer
Rapid Automated Screening of Extractable Compounds in Materials for Food Packaging, Medical or Technical Purposes
Versatile Automated Pyrolysis GC Combining a Filament Type Pyrolyzer with a Thermal Desorption Unit
A New Purge Tool for Use with Automated Headspace Analysis
Direct Thermal Extraction with Automated Liquid Calibration for the Quantification of Analytes in Solid Matrices
Headspace Sampling Unit Combined with a Metal Oxide Sensor or Standard Detectors for Quantification of VOC Emissions from Beverage Cans or Other Packaging Materials
Detection of Packaging Emissions using a Flexible Headspace Sampler Combined with a Multi Sensor System and a Separation Unit 
Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples 
Thermal Desorption GC Analysis of High Boiling, High Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons 
Efficient Multidimensional GC Analysis of Complex Samples using Low Thermal Mass Column Modules
Analysis of Packaging Materials using a Mass Spectral Based Chemical Sensor
Comparison of the Sensitivity of Static Headspace GC, Solid Phase Microextraction, and Direct Thermal Extraction for Analysis of Volatiles in Solid Matrices 
AppNote 1994-02
Direct Thermal Analysis of Solids - A Fast Method for the Determination of Halogenated Phenols and Anisols in Cork
AppNote 1994-01
Design, Performance and Applicability of a Multi-Functional Thermal Desorption System for Trace Analysis in Capillary GC
AppNote 1993-01
Applications of Multi Column Switching Capillary GC-MS in Identification of Trace Impurities in Industrial Products